Gland Packing

SEALGOOD Gland Packings are suitable for many application seals hot water, high temperature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia. Solvents hydrocarbon, cryogenic liquids, etc

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  • Expanded graphite braided packing is made from expanded pure graphite yarn,braided into packing through all kinds of technology of braiding.

  • Graphite Fibre Packing Impregnated PTFE is made from expanded graphite fibre impregnated with mixed PTFE latex and inert lubricant. This kind of graphite packing has better resist cautery capability and effective heat change capability.Graphite impregnated PTFE packing has perfect self lubrication.

  • Graphite gland packing for pump steam valve consists of high purity graphite core and special nickel wire reinforced fibre. Compared with ordinary packing ,it has more excellent performance of high temperature & pressure resistance.

  • We all know that PTFE has perfect resistance to most of chemicals except molten alkali metals. This kind of plastic has perfect self-lubricant. PTFE is called “king of plastic”.And the PTFE cause no pollution to the medium or liquid. Pure PTFE fibre braided packing is a braided packing made of PTFE yarn without soaking any PTFE dispersion and lubrication.But Pure PTFE Braided Packing has greatly enhanced ability to seal high speed shafts with the addition of inactive and heat-resisting agents.

  • PTFE Gland Packing with Oil is dynamic sealing packing. This kind of PTFE packing is pure PTFE packing with special lubrication. It is designed for dynamic.

  • PTFE graphite packing is a braided packing made of PTFE yarn containing graphite particles and anti-corrosive lubricant.

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