Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket

Rubber gasket is cut or molded from NBR, SBR, CR, EPDM. Some rubber gasket has resistance of oil, some rubber gasket is used in cold fever, some rubber gasket has anti-aging properties.


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Product Description

Rubber gasket is cut or molded from NBR, SBR, CR, EPDM. Some rubber gasket has resistance of oil, some rubber gasket is used in cold fever, some rubber gasket has anti-aging properties. There are various shapes of rubber gasket. Rubber gasket is widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, anti-static, fire-retardant, food and other industries. Other rubber gaskets: neoprene rubber gasket, natural rubber gasket, EPDM rubber gasket, acrylic plastic rubber gasket and other special gasket. It has quite excellent compressibility , resilience properties and good sealing performance even in low temperatures and pressures conditions.


Oil Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Steam Resistance, Aging Resistance, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance, Environment Protective, Strong Resilience, Abrasion Resistance, etc.

Main specification of rubber gasket



1. Wide usage,high quality,good elasticity

2. Easy to compress,easy to recover
3.Green product available in various sizes

4.Excellent chemical and physical properties

5. Excellent weather resistance ,high tensile strength 

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