How to choose spiral wound gasket


Speaking of spiral wound gaskets, we should all have heard of them, because spiral wound gaskets are very widely used in our daily lives. However, we usually need to pay attention to some related issues when choosing metal wound gaskets. Let's take a look at it.

1.Compression and recovery rate

The compression ratio refers to the effect on the thickness under a specific load, and the recovery rate refers to the degree of increase in thickness after the load is removed. The high compression ratio of the gasket indicates that it can be used for irregular surfaces, the flange surface is more adaptable, and the friction can be increased, so that the gasket is not easily blown out, and the probability of leakage is reduced. The recovery rate indicates the elastic properties of the gasket, and the gasket with a high recovery rate generally requires a greater pressing force to maintain a good seal.

2. Sealing ability

All gasket seals have leaks and ideal gasket seals for zero leakage. In any case, good sealing performance reduces product loss, improves safety and saves costs. If the gasket has leaked at room temperature, the condition at high temperatures may be more severe. A 0.8mm thick gasket can be used for testing. The thinner the gasket, the better the sealing ability, because the less material the material can pass through. In practice, many of the gaskets of 1.5mm or 3mm thickness are used, and the temperature is affected, so the leakage rate is higher. If the medium is a gas, the leak rate is higher because the molecules of the gas are smaller and easier to pass through the gasket and the gasket.

3. Chemical adaptability

The gasket may be eroded and decomposed by the chemical medium, causing serious leakage, so the gasket must be compatible with the medium. Just because the gasket enters the inner diameter of the pipe, the gasket is eroded very rarely, so the gasket generally does not fail quickly after assembly, and it takes a certain time for the medium to pass through the entire gasket. Some of the gaskets will swell in some media, in which case the gasket will seal in a shorter period of time even if the gasket is not compatible with the media. A safe choice is that the gasket cannot be eroded by the media, so most gasket manufacturers will provide the chemical properties (pH) of the product.

The above points are the problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing metal wound gaskets. I hope that you can pay more attention to the above problems when purchasing metal wound gaskets.