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Non-metallic flat gasket-PTFE covered gasket

①Introduction of gasket
PTEE covered gasket is a non-metallic composite soft gasket, generally composed of two parts: encapsulating skin and insert. The encapsulating skin mainly plays a role of anti-corrosion, usually made of PTFE material, the insert (filler) is a non-metallic material with or without metal reinforcement, usually made of asbestos rubber sheet.
PTEE covered gaskets are mainly suitable for flange connection of full-plane and raised surface steel pipes, suitable for corrosive media with nominal pressure PN of 0.6 to 5.0 MPa and working temperature of 0 to 150 ℃ or cleanliness. More demanding media.

② Form of gasket
According to the manufacturing method, the Teflon-covered gaskets for pipe flanges can be divided into three types: cutting type (S type), machining type (M type), and folding type (F type).
For machined wrapper gaskets, the inner diameter of the encapsulation layer can be the same as the inner diameter of the flange to prevent the fluid from vortexing at the flange. For the folding-type wrapper gasket, it is a strip-shaped polytetrafluoroethylene film with a thickness of 0.4-0.8mm, and the two ends are heat-sealed and wrapped around the ring-shaped core material in a U shape, which is easy to manufacture. , Suitable for large size flange sealing.

③Marking-Marking example
Cut-off PTFE gasket with nominal diameter 50mm and nominal pressure 1.0MPa:
S-50-1.0 GB/T1304-1992
Machined PTFE gasket with nominal diameter 50mm and nominal pressure 1.0MPa:
M-50-1.0 GB/T1304-1992
Folded PTFE gasket with a nominal diameter of 50mm and a nominal pressure of 1.0MPa:
F-50-1.0 GB/T1304-1992