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Metal covered track gasket

① Structure

Metal-clad gasket is a composite gasket made of non-metallic material as the core material, cut into the desired shape, and the outer bread is composed of a thin metal plate with a thickness of 0.25 to 0.5mm. According to the package status, it is generally divided into two types: flat type and corrugated type.
According to the structure type, it is divided into two types: flat type (F type) and corrugated type (C type). The structural type of metal-covered gasket for pressure vessel flange is a flat type.
②Metal plate standard and code (JB/T4706-2000)

③Marking-Marking example
Corrugated metal-clad gasket with nominal diameter 50mm and nominal pressure 2.0MPa: C-50-2.0 GB/T15601
Covering gasket with nominal diameter of 1000mm, nominal pressure of 2.50MPa, and metal sheet of 0Cr18Ni9:
Gasket G-1000-2.50- JB/T4706-2000