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Four major impacts and details of the seal leakage

*First aspect: installation issues

1. The seal is installed in the wrong direction;

2. Poor assembly process, resulting in damage to the seals;

3. Sealing pipes to accumulate foreign matter (dust);

4. There are scratches on the surface of the sealing rod;

5. The concentricity is not correct, causing an offset;

6. The processing is not proper and the paint enters the seal.

*Second aspect: sealing selection problem

1. Deformation, deterioration and simplification of the seal material caused by high temperature conditions;

2. The seal material appears in the media incompatible condition, causing the expansion reaction;

3. After the air is mixed into the equipment, the adiabatic compression causes the seal to burn;

4. The amount of pressure during the work process is too high, and biting occurs in the gap;

5. The seal is subjected to external shock during operation, causing leakage;

6. Lubrication is not in place to form seal wear and wear;

7. The low temperature condition causes the seal material to harden and shrink;

8. When the low pressure and low speed, the parts of the equipment are not moving smoothly.

9. Leakage caused by rust in the seal groove.

*Third aspect: seal assembly design problem

1. The support ring is not properly selected and the cylinder is damaged;

2. The friction pair gap is not suitable;

3. Thread chamfering is not appropriate;

4. The sliding surface is rough, wear seals and parts;

5. Poor stiffness and movement;

6. Leakage of the piston and piston rod plating pores;

7. Poor lubrication causes wear and tear, bite the cylinder and piston rod.

* Fourth aspect: custody issues

1. The transportation process deteriorates due to high temperature for a long time;

2. Strong sunlight ozone, radiation causes deterioration of sealing materials;

3. Lack of proper preservation methods to deform the seal specifications;

4. The sealing member is stored for too long, and the sealing material is prone to aging and deterioration.