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Sealing factors

First of all, pressure is an important reason that affects the quality of the seal. The pressure level and the length of the pressure cycle change have a great influence on the seal damage (such as extrusion). The higher the pressure, the greater the influence of other factors on the performance of the seal, such as temperature, speed, material of the seal, the gap between the piston and the cylinder bore, and the gap between the piston and the cylinder head.

Another one is temperature and friction. It is difficult to describe the maximum service temperature and minimum service temperature of a seal material, because this is the result of a series of comprehensive effects. For the piston and piston rod to work at different temperatures, it is necessary to make a distinction between them. Another is that the surface roughness of the seal product, the characteristics of the surface, the pressure, the medium, the temperature, the material of the seal, the type of the seal and the speed of movement are all factors that affect the seal.

The last one is surface treatment. Experience has shown that the characteristics of the cylinder piston and piston rod surface have a very large effect on the life of the seal. The surface characteristics are commonly used for the value of the surface roughness RA, and RA is the average value of the surface shape deviating from the absolute value of the central money. However, these values do not fully indicate the effect of the surface condition on the seal, because even at the same roughness, different surface shape features can result in different degrees of seal wear on the seal.

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