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Classification of gaskets

High and medium pressure asbestos rubber sheet gasket

Asbestos rubber gasket is made of asbestos fiber and rubber as the main raw material, supplemented by rubber compounding agent and filler, and is prepared by mixing, hot roll forming and vulcanization. Asbestos rubber gaskets can be divided into ordinary asbestos rubber gaskets and oil-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets according to their formulation, process performance and application. According to the temperature and pressure used, it can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber gasket, medium pressure asbestos rubber gasket and high pressure asbestos rubber gasket. It is suitable for the sealing of water, steam, oil, solvent, medium acid and alkali. Asbestos gasket is mainly used in the sealing of medium and low pressure flange connection.

Oil resistant asbestos rubber gasket

Performance characteristics: Oil-resistant asbestos rubber gasket is made of high-quality asbestos fiber, oil-resistant fiber, filler, coloring agent, etc. It is widely used in pipelines and equipment of petroleum and chemical industry, and can choose the corresponding grade according to working conditions.

Applications: Oil-resistant asbestos gaskets: mainly used for the sealing of steam, hydraulic, gas, oil solvents and non-corrosive media.

Cylinder gasket

Performance characteristics: The cylinder gasket is made of high quality asbestos fiber, oil resistant fiber, filler, colorant, etc. It is widely used in automobile and motorcycle engine cylinders, and the corresponding grade models can be selected according to working conditions.

Aramid gasket

Performance characteristics: Aramid gasket steam, organic solvent, acid, alkali, etc., widely used in the sealing of pumps, valves, pipes, containers, etc. used in fluid conveying equipment.

Composition and characteristics: A sealing product made of aramid fiber with high strength and high abrasive content as a main material and a special lubricity material. This sealing product has excellent lubricity and wear resistance. It can display its outstanding features on liquid-liquid mixing liquid devices.

Non-asbestos board gasket

Non-asbestos gasket (non-asbestos gasket) is a sealing material made of organic fiber such as aramid and plant fiber, nitrile rubber and inorganic minerals at high temperature. Because it contains few asbestos fibers, it is suitable for asbestos gasket. An alternative to non-asbestos gaskets. Non-asbestos gasket (non-asbestos gasket) has high strength and good resilience, and has excellent anti-penetration performance. It is a good environmentally friendly material for replacing asbestos gaskets under high temperature and high pressure.

Asbestos mat

It is molded with asbestos cloth and other auxiliary materials for corrosive high pressure and high temperature sealing. Used in reactors, reaction tanks, manholes, hand holes and other parts. Use temperature: -100 ° C - + 1000 ° C; use pressure: PN < 5.0 Mp;

Rubber mat

A vinylidene fluoride and non-fluorine, propylene fluoride, propylene copolymer gel elastomer, widely used in the defense industry and civil industry, characterized by: high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, natural aging resistance, vacuum resistance, fuel oil resistance, Resistant to lubricating oil, strong oxidizing agent, chemical resistance and electrical insulation.

Teflon-lined rubber mat

The PTFE-lined rubber gasket is a tetrafluoroethylene sandwich rubber composite gasket. It has strong anti-corrosion performance and high sealing resilience. It is suitable for anti-corrosion sealing of low-pressure chemical equipment such as enamel and glass pipes.