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Use of seals

Big to car planes, small to lighter mouses, etc. All have to use seals. There are many kinds of seals, which can be divided into: common silicone rubber seals, fluorine rubber seals, ethylene propylene rubber, PTFE, neoprene, polyurethane and so on. According to the use of the calculation can be divided into: acid-resistant seals, alkali-resistant seals, high temperature seals, low temperature seals, oil seals and so on. Many machines can't work without seals. For example, if you don't have an oil seal, you may leak oil, and even the machine can't work. On the TV, the news that the crude oil leaked is often seen. In fact, the seal is not done well, and the quality of the seal may not be good. Seals are an important part of the machine and play an important role in the operation of the machine. In order to avoid the entry of foreign matter, it is necessary to use a seal in the machine.

Different seals can be used in different environments. For example, high and low temperature environment, acid and alkali solution, oil resistance and so on. Seals that work in different environments should be selected from different materials, such as the high temperature resistance of fluororubber. Sometimes the hardness of the seal is also an important factor affecting the application of the live attack. Not all seals are soft, for example, the PTFE seal is quite hard. Mechanical seals should be frequently viewed, and abnormalities should be replaced in time. For example, seal deformation, cracking, etc., the main factor affecting the service life of the seal is the operating environment. Temperature is a major factor affecting the hardness of the seal. In order to add the elasticity of the seal at low temperature, the permanentness of the data tightening is lowered, so that the formula for improving the data needs to be added with a certain amount of plasticizer inside the rubber. After long-term immersion in the running medium, the plasticizer will gradually be absorbed by the running medium to form a seal to shorten the aging. Therefore, seals should be viewed frequently. Avoid aging to form an episode of the incident.