Spiral Wound Gasket With Graphite Filler

Spiral Wound Gasket With Graphite Filler

100% spiral wound gaskets need to be inspected before leaving the factory.Leakage rate is 0. Spiral wound gaslet materials : carbon steel, ss304, ss316, we can also produce Super Duplex ss32750, ss32760, Duplex ss31803/ss2205, ss321, ss347, ss904, ss317L, ss410, Monel400, Inconel600, 625,800,825, TA1- TA10, Hastelloy C276; Zirconium Zr702 R60702, Zirconium Zr705 R60705 and other special materials.One of them is Spiral wound gasket with graphite filler.

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Product Description

Spiral Wound Gasket With Graphite Filler

Sealgood spiral wound gasket is formed V shape metallic strip and graphite filler with Support ring ,outer ring and inner ring, is suitable for sealing alteration of temperature and pressure are frequent ,such as pipe ,valve,pump.etc.

Flanges face: flat face and raised face flanges.

Pressure class: Class 150 ,class 300, class 600 ,class 1500,class 2500 etc.

spiral wound gasket

Application of Spiral Wound Gasket With Graphite Filler:

spiral wound gasket suitable for sealing flange joints,manhole and handhold covers,tube covers,boilers,heat exchangers,press vessels,pumps,compressors and valves;industries such as petrochemical,pharmaceutical,shipbuilding,and food processing ,in power industries and nuclear power station.They are ideal for steam,oil,liquids,gases,acids,alkalines,various organic mediums and solvents.

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