Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner and Outer Ring

Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner and Outer Ring

The inner and outer rings of the spiral wound gaskets with inner and outer ring are processed by the most advanced laser cutting, CNC punching. The inner and outer ring grooves of the spiral wound gaskets with inner and outer ring have a common v-shape and a special w-shaped structure.


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Product Description

Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner and Outer Ring

This gasket is wound alternatively by V or W shaped metal hoop and non-metal filler of various kinds of materials selected based on specific working condition. Depend on its excellent compression resilient, high-temperature and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for sealing alteration of temperature and pressure are frequent, such as pipe, valve, pump etc. They are available in all standard flanges of sizes, such as ASME, JIS, DIN, EN. etc. 


It is suitable for sealing flange joints,manhole and handhold covers,tube covers,boilers,heat exchangers,press vessels,pumps,compressors and valves;industries such as petrochemical,pharmaceutical,shipbuilding,and food processing ,in power industries and nuclear power station.They are ideal for steam,oil,liquids,gases,acids,alkalines,various organic mediums and solvents.


ASME, JIS, DIN, EN,size as requirements


1.Metal strip: the processed metal strip has good elasticity and recovery. It provides the filler enough tensile strength.

2.Filler: this part is the main body of the gasket and different material is used in different conditions

3.Centering ring:the centering ring does not come into direct contact with contained fluid. It is normally made of carbon steel and electro plate or painted to avoid corrosion. Other materials are available on request.

4.Inner ring:inner ring is used to avoid excessive compression due to high seating stress in high pressure service and it is also used to reduce turbulence in the flange area. It is normally made of the same material as the gasket metallic strip.



Basic Type Spiral Wound Gasket


Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner Ring


Spiral Wound Gaskets with Outer Ring


Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner and Outer Ring




 1.Excellent compression resilient

 2.High-temperature and corrosion resistance

 3.Keep good sealing performance under high vacuum and shock vibration conditions

 4.Multichannel and certain self-tightening sealing function

 5.Eliminate the influence of pressure , temperature change and the   mechanical vibration for its insensitivity to surface defect of flanges  

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